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Online Meeting with SIDBI

  •   2020-04-24
  • Webinar

This is the recording of a live Webinar with the Senior Executives of SIDBI.
In this webinar they have explained to the participants about various schemes of Financial Assistance by SIDBI to MSMEs.

Some of latest schemes of SIDBI to the MSMEs, which are fighting against COVID-19, have following features: -
01. Loan of 50 Lakhs under SAFE and Rs. 100 Lakhs under SAFE Plus,
02. Loan at 5% Rate of Interest,
03. Decision on Loan application in 48 Hours,
04. Upto 100% finance available subject to Asset Coverage of 1.1 for existing customers and 1.2 for new customers,
05. Cost of Credit Guarantee cover is borne by SIDBI,
06. No Processing Fee,
07. No Prepayment Charges….any many more.

Senior Executives of SIDBI discussed all these schemes in a live webinar, recording of which will clarify most of the doubts of about these schemes of financial assistance to MSMEs.

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