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Webinar with Government e Marketplace (GeM)

  •   2020-04-22
  • Webinar

This is the recording of an online MSME KI PATHSHALA with Government eMarketplace, GeM organised by Chamber of Indian Micro Small and Medium Enterprises in association with Dainik Jagran on April 22, 2020.

Top Management of GeM including Mr Talleen Kumar CEO GeM, Mr A K Kamra ACEO GeM, Mr Rajesh Jain DSEo GeM and other senior dignitaries addressed the participants which was Moderated by Mukesh Mohan Gupta.

We tried to find out the answers to our all questions, some of which are as under:-
1. What is the role of GeM & How it operates,
2. What benefits MSME sellers will get upon registering on GeM,
3. What is the process for registration on GeM,
4. Is this process complete online or MSMEs need to visit to GeM office,
5. Whether any inspection is conducted before registration of MSMEs on GeM
6. Do MSME Sellers gets exemption on Years of Experience & Annual Turnover for Bid Participation on GeM,
7. Will MSME vendors get any preferential orders on GeM,
8. Whether MSMEs submitting tenders through GeM are exempt from Tender fees and EMD,
9. How does the MSME manufacturers are exempted from Vendor Assessment on GeM portal,
10. What documents MSME vendors require to get themselves registered on GeM,
11. Whether all Government tenders are mandatorily routed through GeM,
12. Can a Traders be also registered on GeM,
13. Whether the payment is ensured within 45 days to MSEs
14. What are the success stories so far & What is the amount of business already routed through GeM.

Watch this video recording of the live webinar, if you missed it and want to know any question related to GeM.

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